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     My portraits are realistic however, they are not intended to be a recreation or copy of a photograph.  The drawings are usually finished in watercolor while referring to photos (usually taken by me) however, many clients have sent along their personal photos.  I have always been able to draw and paint likeness of people, men's portraits, women's portraits and children's portraits. My initial training was for fashion illustration and I think that training influenced my watercolor portraiture.  As a fashion illustrator, I did children's artwork for Lord & Taylor, New York, Men's art for Bullock's in Los Angeles, California, and women's fashion ads for Bonwitt Teller, Bullocks, Dillards, B.Altman's and many more across the country.   

     Recently, I began doing cut out silhouettes.  I remember posing for an artist in a Hartford, Connecticut department store around Christmas time.  I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time.  He cut my profile out of a piece of black paper while I sat very still watching him.  I still have that silhouette, and one of my brother too.  Knowing how much I enjoyed it, I did silhouette portraits of my daughter, Vallerie's, entire first grade class.  I kept Vallerie's silouette all these years and included her silhouette in the samples (above) along with one of my husband's nephew, Grant.  Grant's mom supplied a profile picture and emailed it from her home in Colorado.  Silhouettes are a lovely tradition and one that I believe others would enjoy.  

     Included are also a couple of what I call manipulated photos.  The   photo of my Granddaughter, Kaylee, is a combination of Kaylee with daisies, I added to her hair, and then dropped onto a field of colorfulwild flowers.  Kaylee's original photo had a background of a street with a car parked behind her.  The field of flowers is certainly a terrific improvement, and, I think, makes a lovely keepsake.


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