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Food/ Fruit/Vegetable art 



     Drawing  food is an art.  My ability to add attractive people to a pre-existing advertising illustration is a plus.  Often I am given a quick sketch of a pre-existing package and told to change the lettering and  often the design and color too.

     I have included several finished pieces 0f watercolor art and  pen and ink stylized vegetables too. 

     Some of these samples are from a McCormic's job.  They had a combination of design alterations and the client also wanted to show the product in use.  I begin with a quick black and white sketch.  Then, after approval, I often scan the drawing into my computer  for coloring and additional lettering.

    POP (point of purchase) advertising art, displays products that are sold from free standing displays usually in grocery and liquor stores.  My samples range from coffee, to charcoal briquettes...all shown in use by families, babies and general shoppers.


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